When we started our YouTube channel, we never imagined the incredible connections we would make with people from all over the world who share our passion for comics. We feel incredibly grateful for the friendships we’ve made and the support we’ve received from the comic book community.

We believe that building a network of friends on YouTube is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a creator on this platform. We’re proud to call these fellow YouTubers our friends, and we highly recommend their channels for their insightful content, engaging personalities, and creative talents.

Please take some time to check out these channels, as we believe they are truly special and deserve your attention. We guarantee that you’ll discover some amazing new content and meet some fantastic people along the way.

Thank you for supporting our friends and helping to build a stronger, more inclusive comic book community on YouTube.

Attention Seeking Geek

Ben has featured in a few of our live streams. He’s a genuinely funny, kind and entertaining YouTuber, and a master of cosplay.

Jason Parker Comics

Jason and his wife Amanda are good friends of ours, who regularly appear with us on live streams and on each other’s channels.

Superpower Review

We love to share live streams with Kevin – his professional studio and fun attitude are amazing. Most Mondays, Kevin goes live on his channel with the Superpower Hour.

The Dorkery’s

The Dorkery’s are a family of 4 and sometimes more, who spend their time together geeking out over comics, toys, movies, and Mickey Mouse.

Triple G Comics

Pete aka The Ginger Geordie Geek has a great channel with CGC unboxings, comics hauls, toy reviews and live streams.

Remy Q Studios

Remy Q Studios is everything nerd. Remy and Angel go hunting for American classic gold in the form of the superheroes that we all love or loved at one point.

Comics Are Dope

BJ Kicks thinks that Comics Are Dope, and we do too! Check out his latest venture into podcasting, via his website.

Bry’s Comics

Bry shares his tips on comic book collecting and shares CGC unboxings, just like us!


Adrian aka Pandawesome is a comic book enthusiast who shares CGC unboxings and opinions on all things comic books.