Cannonball Records – A Comic Treasure Trove

I repeatedly say this to Mikey and Jason Parker, I don’t think we will ever find a comic shop like Cannonball Records again in our lifetimes.

This shop was amazing, I can’t describe it any other way. My first visit was on a family day out; I only ever intended on just popping in to check it out. I ended up staying for a few hours and I couldn’t believe what books I was seeing. I ended up walking away £300 lighter.

I had barely begun to scratch the surface!

Here is a video of me (James Mac) unboxing some books I picked up from Cannonball Records.

I’m frightened to tell you how much I paid for some of these books, in case my wife reads this! Especially after how the comic book market boomed in the summer of 2021. Record prices being set every day on some of these books I had purchased, it was and still feels surreal.

Cannonball Records don’t sell comics through their website, but you can find out more about the store and when they will appear at a fair near you by visiting their website: